Little Journal of Memories - coming soon!

Martin Thomas and the Little Journal of Memories

A few years ago, having been published by Wacky Bee as a children's author, I found myself wanting to create other products around the words I had written and the beautiful illustrations of Agnieszka Jatkowska. It was always going to be a challenge to set up a small business, but Little Elephants was never meant to be predominantly about gifts and cards or even making money. It was always about helping others to tell stories and to share memories.

The sample Little Journal I'm holding in the picture started as an idea last year to enable families to connect more meaningfully together. Then COVID-19 spread, with the virus and lockdown restrictions affecting the health, education and wellbeing of children all over the world.

During this time we've trialled journal drafts with families and teachers; working with professionals at the Good Play Guide to ensure that the structure and content positively impacts the wellbeing of children and families. It's been created together with Charlotte, my wife, and the support of my children, family and friends - in both the good and the hard times of the past year.

The Little Journal of Memories is a 12-month family journal, designed to help children and adults to reflect on their wellbeing through a gentle rhythm of daily, weekly and monthly activities and challenges. It's been created to help us remember our own childhoods, write those memories down and then find creative ways to retell or recreate those stories with children. These stories shape their identities, sense of place and belonging, and are the foundation of their wellbeing.

I'm sharing this today because in just over a week's time we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign, to try to get enough pre-orders over 30 days to fund the printing of the journal in time for Christmas. We also want to bless families who can't afford to buy one, so we've set up a little fund to give copies away through local schools. And thanks to the Jim Cousins Trust in Witney, we already have our first grant! So I have three things I'd love you to consider:

1. If you're interested in hearing our launch news and early bird offer, please sign up here.

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3. And if you're a business or want to get in touch about supporting families through the Little Journal at this time, please email me at:

Thank you for your support!

Martin x 🐘

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